The Chef

Stefano Galbiati
Stefano Galbiati

Stefano Galbiati was born in San Donato, Milan in 1970.

At the age of 8, seeing his grandfathers’ passion for cooking and wonderful ingredients, as chef and owner of the most famous and oldest trattoria in Verona, Stefano began to fall in love with an art that still excites him.

In 14 years, this passion led him to enroll at the hotel management school in Milan and at the same time he started working in restaurants and butchers to deepen his professional techniques and knowledge of raw materials.

During this period of his life he worked under the chef of the restaurant ‘La Rampina’ San Giuliano Milanese, and feeling the thrill of ‘Michelin’, he enthusiastically embraced what will be his life’s career.

Working alongside some great chefs, Michelin and others, some of global renown such as: Luigi Bugna, Walter Magnifico, Ettore Alzetta, Elio Sironi, Eric Pansú, Francis Chaveaud, Massimo Riccioli and Armando Sobatti. He has also collaborated with: Enrico Delfingher, Gianfranco Vissani and Antonello Colonna, building professionalism and experience, all of which began to attract notice and high accolades from journalists, magazines and guides in restaurants such as ‘San Souci’, ‘Il Ceppo’, ‘Cucina Italiana’ and ‘La Rosetta’ in Rome, in France at ‘La Belle Otero’, the ‘Carlton Hotel’ in Cannes, winning the highest Michelin recognition alongside the chef Francis Chaveaud.

Stefano helped to open with ‘Fabio Bongianni the ‘Noor Luxury Resort’ with its own cooking school, and then worked as a teacher and commissioner with the only globally recognized, ‘Academy of Pizza and Italian Kitchen’ by Enrico Famà in Venice.Stefano has also dedicated himself to making known the true basics of Italian cuisine, not only in in France, but also in Mexico, Japan and Colombia.

Today, after a brilliant restaurant experience at ‘Sensus’ of 5 Stars Luxury Hotel Exedra in Rome, the ‘Boite’, the ‘Trattoria’, ‘Sanlorenzo’, ‘Fungo’ and many others, Stefano engaged in a new adventure in England, becoming head chef of the restaurant ‘Al Bacio’ in Bristol.

The main feature of the gastronomic art of Stefano Galbiati, is the capacity to transform often overlooked, or even forgotten, traditional Italian ingredients and recipes with fascinating and modern techniques, presented with elegance and imagination to delight both the eye and the pallet.

Stefano’s cuisine maintains authenticity of flavour and above all simplicity combined with a contemporary touch.